How To Get Sports Massage Clients In Your Massage Practice: 10 Actionable Tips & Tactics

How To Get Sports Massage Clients

Looking for sports massage marketing ideas? Trying to find out how to get more sports massage clients? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this posts we’ll explore 10 ideas, tips, and strategies for attracting sports massage clients. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • How sports massage marketing is different from other modalities
  • The best ways to get sports massage clients
  • Is it worth it to hire a massage specific marketing agency?

What Makes Sports Massage Marketing Different From Other Modalities

Sports massage therapy is fantastic in it’s ability to help athletes and everyone alike to help prevent or recover from injuries, or as part of an overall wellness plan. However, like an massage practice, client attrition is normal. Across all practices, one thing remains true – if you don’t get new clients into your business, you will soon no longer have a business.

Sports massage isn’t your typical “fluff & buff” modality, however. So it makes sense that sports massage marketing would be different as well. While relaxation massage clients might be looking for a “quick break” from work, or day to day to day stress, sports massage clients are often looking to make progress towards their fitness and training goals.

What Makes Sports Massage Marketing Different

Images of lotus flowers, glowing candles, and scented oils are not always what clients are looking for. Many sports massage clients need to know that they’re in good hands, and making progress on their health and wellness regimen.

Understanding How To Get Sports Massage Clients

Before diving into the specific tactics, it’s important to understand exactly which kind of sports massage client you want to attract. Sports massage is a sort of Swiss Army knife of tactics & techniques. Sit down and think about exactly which kind of clients you want to attract.

Are they marathoners? Runners? Bodybuilders? Or weekend warriors?

What kind of problems are they dealing with? What are their goals and aspirations? How can massage help them reach those goals, or solve those problems?

Massage marketing at it’s core is 2 thing. #1. Finding the people who can benefit from your services, and #2 presenting them with opportunity to be a client. All other marketing techniques are built on this idea. Find the people who are already working to accomplish clear goals, and present sports massage as way to get there better, faster, or cheaper than going at it alone.

Sports Massage Marketing Ideas

With all the foundation out the way, here are 10 actionable tips & ideas that you can use in your sports massage marketing:

1 – Connect with Gyms & Personal Trainers

As a sports massage therapist you’re probably only working with athletes or even the more casual weekend warriors. These people can be found day in and day out in gyms in your local area. Feel free to reach out to these gyms to see if they have a massage therapist on staff. Or, see if you can gain permission to set up a table or chair.

Sports Massage Marketing Connecting With Gyms

Sometimes you’ll find that you have a hard time connecting with gyms. While they may already have a therapists or spa nearby, it’s not a complete loss. This is where you may want to take the route of connecting directly with independent personal trainers.

You can create a win-win situation where people working with personal trainers can help achieve their goals by also adding Massage into their program. Talk with the trainers about how you can set up a mutually beneficial referral program.

2 – Connect with other Bodyworkers & wellness professionals

Depending on the kind of athlete you may be working with. They might be working with other wellness professionals to achieve their goals. The obvious ones are people like chiropractors, but you may be able to connect with other types of healers, counselors, or even the other massage therapist.

Don’t forget, sometimes your perfect client is someone else’s worst nightmare. Reach out to other people and talk about how you can build a relationship.

When looking for ways to market sports massage therapy, you should always be asking yourself where are the places my ideal client can be found. In your local market a lot of times these are other businesses that have nothing to do with bodywork. These can be places like sports apparel shops, protein and supplement stores, shoe stores, and other exercise or athletic gear shops.

3 – Host An Event or Workshop

Education is an amazing for sports massage marketing. Don’t think that as a therapists your only skill is when you’re “hands on” with clients. No matter how long you’ve been practicing, you’ve accumulated valuable knowledge that others can benefit from. Don’t be afraid to give it away for free!  Use a short presentation, followed by an opportunity to become on of your clients. If your location doesn’t have enough space, partner with someone who does!

Pro Tip: Collect contact info from all the attendees so you can follow up with them at a later time.

4 – Wellness, exercise, and fitness stores

Usually, it’s easier to connect with stores that are locally owned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and connect with all the stores in your area.
Find the owner and ask for permission do you have a sports massage marketing event such as a chair table or even informational booth.

Get Massage Clients From Wellness Stores

Host a class or workshop specifically marketed towards athletes and potential clients. This workshop should center on what someone can expect to learn such as “Injury Prevention for Marathon Runners” or “How To Recover And Train Harder”. Teach and answer questions for 20-40 minutes, and at the end make an offer for attendees to become your clients.

5 – Leverage The Power of “Influencers”

When most people here influencer marketing, they definitely don’t associate it with Massage marketing. At the end of the day in influencer is just somebody that other people look up to you. In every city or town there are various influencers that can be found online and off-line. These can be people who are popular on Instagram, people who host or run social organizations, or even local celebrities.

Take a moment and ask yourself, Who are the people that my ideal sports massage client is looking up to you, or asking for advice?
Those are the people you want to build a relationship with. Some common local “influencers” for sports massage marketing are:

  • Personal trainers
  • Local “Instagram celebrities”
  • Coaches
  • and Team Trainers

6 – Reach Out Directly (on Instagram)

As a sports massage therapist, there are people who value greatly from what you can offer, even if they aren’t currently searching for it. Don’t be afraid to market yourself by directly reaching out to individuals. Reach out to people who are following your profile, tagging themselves in nearby locations, or using relevant hasthags like #YOURCITYRunner. Strike up a conversation, and tell the more about how you can help them meet their existing goals.

7 – Solicit Your Existing Client Base

If you aren’t a brand new sports massage therapist, then chances are you already have clients who are a great fit for your practice. There’s no need to over complicate getting new sports massage clients. You can simply ask!

Ask your existing sports massage clients if they know anyone who would be a good fit for your practice, or to recommenced you to their family and friends.

8 – Use Video Marketing

It’s one thing to talk about how awesome your massage is, it’s another to show it! Social media marketing is a no-brainier by this day and age, but how you use it makes a difference. You can use video as a massage marketing tool to show off things like:

  • Techniques & Demonstrations
  • How To Videos
  • Q&A To Common Questions
  • Testimonials from happy clients

You can use these same videos on your website, and in your e-mail news letters to get people “over the fence” who are considering trying you out.

9 – Use Paid Facebook Advertising

Paid advertising is a fantastic way to get more sports massage clients. With paid advertising, your online ads do all the of the talking and selling for you. You can attract sports massage clients while you’re working with other clients, on the phone, and even in your sleep!  With Facebook advertising, instead of waiting for clients to come to you, you’re doing the work to gout to them.

Sports Massage Marketing With Paid Ads

By using an interesting image or video, a compelling offer, and nailing your copy, you can have people flocking to you for their sports massage treatment. Check out this massage marketing case study. With one of our done-for-you clients we sent over 200 new client requests in 30 days!

10 – Use Google Ads

Unlike paid Facebook ads, with google ads you’re marketing to people who are actively looking for sports massage services. With google ads you can specify key words that your ideal client may be searching like “sports massage near me” or “bodybuilding show prep”. By using google ads you can place your website within the top 4 search results. This way, you can make sure that your ideal clients see them every-time.

Should You Hire a Marketing Agency To Help You Get More Sports Massage Clients?

Depending on the size of your sports massage practice, it may or may not be a good idea to hire a massage therapy marketing agency. On top of any costs of advertising, there are also costs & fees paid directly to the agency. If you’re not able or willing to spend top dollar, then an massage marketing agency might not be the right fit for you. (Here are some tips to decide if hiring an agency is a good fit for your business)

Should you hire a sports massage marketing agency

If you are in a position where:

  • saving time is more important than saving money
  • you have employees schedules you need to fill
  • or you don’t worry about having to learn how to market for sports massage

Then it’s time to seriously consider working with a done-for-you marketing agency. 

If you’re looking for help with ways to attract sports massage clients, but not in a position to hire an agency there is still good news. You can seek out coaches & online programs to help you attract clients. In many cases, the costs for your marketing will be lower, and you will be taught the latest massage marketing skills, so you can do them yourself.

Final Thoughts On Getting Sports Massage Clients

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all sports massage marketing ideas, but it should be enough to give a jump start in marketing your private practice! At the end of the day, getting new sports massage clients is about understanding your clients problems. knowing where to find them, and presenting them a solution in a way they accept.

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